The Great Race

Oils on canvas | Palette knife painting



This little painting is dedicated to the tiny sea turtle hatchlings around the world. Those tough, brave, undaunting creatures that risk death minutes after hatching from the sand. That run the gauntlet of endless predators on land and in the sea. Whose flippers never stop moving as they near their goal. Their dogged determination is an inspiration to all of us. A trait that we can adopt in our own lives!

The Great Race

    • 11x14" oil painting on high-quality stretched cotton canvas, stapled on the back (3/4" thick).

    • Edges are painted tan for a professional display! Oil painting is signed on the front and back.

    • This seascape painting was created with palette knives ! It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by me, Ryan Kimba.

    • This original art will last for many years to come! Only the highest quality oil paints were used.

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