Magic in the Air II

"Magic in the Air II"

Original oils on canvas (with palette knives)



The drama unfolds before your eyes as a mighty humpback streams out of the sea, it's towering body shining in the moonlight!  With this painting I wanted to create a seascape that was both majestic and serene, yet dramatic as well. The enormity of the whale, the power of the waves, and the intensity of the moon---create a feeling of magic and wonder! These are also the most realistic waves I've painted so far with a palette knife.

Magic in the Air II

    • 30x40" oil painting on high-quality stretched cotton canvas, stapled on the back (3/4" thick).


    • Edges are painted black for a professional display! Oil painting is signed on the front and back.


    • This humpback whale painting was created with palette knives ! It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by me, Ryan Kimba.


    • This original art will last for many years to come! Only the highest quality oil paints were used.

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