Dolphin Bliss

"Dolphin Bliss"

Original oils on canvas / palette knife painting



I really enjoy dolphins' playful and curious nature, which is what I tried to convey in this painting. I've swam with dolphins several times and am so fascinated by the way they react to their world. Since I love to paint sunsets, I thought I'd incorporate that into the scene as well, which brought lovely colors and sparkles to the sky and water. My overall goal for "Dolphin Bliss" was to paint a tropical paradise of adventure and togetherness!

Dolphin Bliss

    • 18x24" oil painting on high-quality stretched cotton canvas, stapled on the back (3/4" thick).


    • Edges are painted black for a professional display! Oil painting is signed on the front and back.


    • This colorful dolphin painting was created with palette knives ! It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by me, Ryan Kimba.


    • This original art will last for many years to come! Only the highest quality oil paints were used.

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