Adventurous Spirit

Palette knife painting | Original oils on canvas 



When I sat down to paint my painting of Pocahontas I strived to capture her daring spirit and sense of adventure. I think this scene showcases her in all her glory. Of course, where Pocahontas goes, so do Meeko and Flit---so I had to include them also. Her jumping over two cliffs over a waterfall really embodies who she is. She loves to explore! You can see John Smith's ship coming up the river, as well as the distinctive colorful leaves blowing through the wind!

Adventurous Spirit

    • 18x24" oil painting on high-quality stretched cotton canvas, stapled on the back (3/4" thick).


    • Edges are painted black for a professional display! Oil painting is signed on the front and back.


    • This Disney Pocahontas painting was created with palette knives ! It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by me, Ryan Kimba.


    • This original art will last for many years to come! Only the highest quality oil paints were used.

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