A True Hero

Palette knife painting | Original oils on canvas



Hercules is such a relatable Disney hero because all he wants to do is fit in and find his place in life, just like all of us do! This theme hits very close to home with me and when I started my Disney series collection of paintings, I knew I needed a scene of Herc and Pegasus taking to the sky...ready for battle! I got the unique idea of painting his parents, Zeus and Hera, in a cloud above, like they are shining their light down on him. Instead of using their colors from the film, I decided to paint them the color of the cloud they are in, which looked really cool.

A True Hero

    • 24x30" oil painting on high-quality stretched cotton canvas, stapled on the back (3/4" thick).


    • Edges are painted black for a professional display! Oil painting is signed on the front and back.


    • This Disney Hercules painting was created with palette knives ! It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by me, Ryan Kimba.


    • This original art will last for many years to come! Only the highest quality oil paints were used.


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